Blizzard Will “Definitely” Produce a Console Game


In an interview with Gamasutra, Blizzard confirmed that they will “definitely work on a console  game at some point.”

Blizzard’s, Samwise Didier and J. Allen Brack  have stated that they aren’t against producing content for consoles.

“I don’t see the PC market as being bad. I mean, we didn’t have 12 million players ten years ago,” said Didier. “Whatever the format, console or PC, I think if there is a good game, it’s going to be played. We’re working on PC because it’s familiar to us and it’s relatively easy and it’s not changing formats every other year and there aren’t three different versions. Console, we have to worry about [those things]. I think the PC is really a good market to target.”

Brack added that one of the issues the company face is finding a suitable title that will appeal to the console market.

“Think about StarCraft II. Some real-time strategy games have tried to happen on the console. Some of those have been successful, but overall, our experience is that it’s going to be a better game on the PC, ergo it’s developed on the PC.

“But we’re a company of gamers. I have two consoles at home. Sam has consoles. We’re a culture of gamers. We will definitely work on a console game at some point. I have no doubt about that. It’s just [a matter of] what game. What makes the most sense?”

Blizzard did very nearly break into the console scene in 2002 with Starcraft: Ghost. This was to be released across PS2, Gamecube and Xbox. However, the game is currently on “indefinite hold”. Many critics have reported the title to be cancelled but Blizzard have yet to confirm the claim.

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