For the Gamer Who Has Everything – 22ct Gold PS3

Gold PS3

So perhaps you’ve recently inherited a small fortune. Maybe you own a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Well, when you have more money than you can shake a dead donkey at, what better way to flaunt your success and financial supremacy than by needlessly investing in a gold PS3.

This ‘supreme’ edition of the PS3 carries a price tag of $340,000. In exchange for this considerable sum you can receive a fully functional PS3, encased in 1,600 grams of 22ct gold. If this still isn’t enough bling for you, the disk tray has also been decorated with 58, individually set, 0.5ct diamonds. The console made by bling modders, Stuart Hughes, is officially (and unsurprisingly) the most expensive PS3 in the world and is limited to a production line of three.

Gold Wii

Stuart Hughes also developed the world’s most expensive console which, in an ironic twist, happens to be a Nintendo Wii. This console is wrapped in 2,500 grams of 22ct gold and decorated with 78 0.25ct diamonds. Also limited to three consoles made, this Wii for the exceedingly wealthy is available at a staggering $500,000.

This is elite gaming at the height of stupidity.

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