Child’s Play Denies Atlantica Online Donations


It would seem rather harsh for a charity to deny someone offering them donations, but players within the realm of Atlantica Online cried foul over developer’s Ndoor Interactive’s motives behind a charity drive.

The deal was relatively simple, offering an in-game item with the proceeds going to Child’s Play. Considering what was likely limited development costs for a single item, one would suspect a majority of profits being sent to Child’s Play. That was not the case, and players contacted Child’s Play to let them know only 5% of the profits were being donated.

Ndoor responded claiming that they were doing something “nice,” and “due to some negative player complaints” the charity backed out. Given the whopping generosity being shown here (*sarcasm), how could anyone not be thrilled with Ndoors?

While it does seem odd that a charitable organization turned down any financial help, the only true beneficiaries from this promotion are the game creators, who profit from creating a “rare” item, while gaining free PR. This time, it backfired.

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