NBA Live 07: The Final Achievement Chance


With NBA Live 07 going offline for the Xbox 360, players have one final chance to get the infamous achievement for 1,000 players being online at the same time. Given the rather deplorable quality of Live 07, sales were slim, and a minute number of people were ever able to get the achievement.

Multiple attempts have been made to help players get the achievement, with dates set and promoted through various online sites, but only one day remains. With Live 07 going offline forever due to EA’s insistence on using their own servers, achievement seekers are giving it one last chance on January 31st, 2010. Those who are looking for an easy 100 points should sign into the game at 1PM U.S. Eastern, 10AM U.S. Pacific. Also, if you get it early, stay online to help out others. Don’t be a jerk.

If you don’t get it on the 31st, you never will, unless a horde of players suddenly jump online to play a three year old sports game February 1st. Shame it has to come down to this, showcasing some of the occasional idiocy of achievements and the stupidity of not letting games stay available for online play via peer-to-peer like everything else on Xbox Live.

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