December’s Free-to-Play MMORPG Round-up

Because of the holiday events that escalate around Christmas time, plenty of F2P MMOs jump out and vie against one another for players’ attention. Granted, it may not be “that time of year” anymore, but there is no end to the F2P MMORPGs players can dive into, and many still offer nice events and extras to take advantage of.

Deco online.

Deco Online

Deco Online

Deco Online is a 3D, massively multiplayer online RPG that sets players in the center of a fantastic war between two nations, Milena and Rain. Deco combines arcade-like gameplay (attack combos) with MMORPG conventions like PvP, pets, and multiplayer interaction, for an interesting and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Deco Online recently launched an update, “The Holy Land of Seal”, which boosts the level cap to 110 and adds five new dungeons, among other things. With the opening of the Holy Land of Seal, a new experience event has been introduced from until January 26 2010, granting players 200% experience for everything they do in-game, from monster-slaying to questing.

Heroes of Gaia

Heroes of Gaia is a browser-based (Flash required) massively multiplayer game game set in your typical Tolkien-inspired world of swords and sorcery.

Inspired by the classic Castle-and-Hero gameplay of vintage PC titles, Heroes of Gaia is surprisingly immersive, and sports some nice artwork to boot. Players get started by creating their character by choosing from one of four races: Humans, Elves, Orc and Undead. You then get a castle and are set loose, free to amass the man-power and resources needed to defend it. As your resources grow, you can amass a wider range of unique and varied fighting units, or focus on developing buildings to expand and upgrade, which in turn help you by offering anything from new weapons to gold.


Pangya Winter event

Pangya Winter event

Pangya is an online multiplayer golf game with a cutesy anime-style and fantasy story elements. The games environments span a wide-range of landscapes, from arid deserts to rich green tropics to frosty winter wonderlands. The world of Pangya is threatened by evil forces bent on destroying the peace and beauty of the world, and only by placing the “Comet” in it’s rightful place can nature be revived. Players take up their clubs and golf through tournaments and dragons to save the world.

Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, has launched an all-new Treasure Hunt board-game event until January 20th, 2010 for Pangya.

Ran Online

Set in the backdrop of school and cities, Ran gives players a -slightly- more realistic, relatable connection to the game that your standard fantasy MMORPG . After all, saving your school from imminent danger is only slightly less far fetched than saving the world.

The premise behind Ran Online is that students unite to protect their schools from evil forces in four different clubs within schools. There are four classes within Ran Online; Swordsman, Archers, Shaman and Brawler, each with their own unique traits.

Valkyrie Sky

Valkyrie Sky

Valkyrie Sky

Valkyrie Sky is a Norse-myth based vertical-scrolling shoot’em up, combining the community elements of a MMORPG with the fast-paced action of a shooter. The title officially launched on December 28th.

After a successful closed beta, the title was improved to what is essentially an all-new version of Valkyrie Sky. Visuals and graphics have been improved, PvP has been re-worked, as have been the character classes. Dungeons have been added, the games life system was upgraded, and many other changes have been made to the now live title.

Neo Steam

Neo Steam is a 3D fantasy/ steam-punk-styled world, where electricity was never discovered, and “Neo Steam” powers everything. However, because “Neo Steam” is finite, two major factions are vying for power, to control what is left of the resource.

Players can choose between five races and four different character classes, and they can choose to join one of these two warring factions: the Kingdom of Elerd, which is something like your typical fantasy kingdom of swords and sorcery, and the Republic of Rogwell, which focuses it’s efforts on Neo Steam advancement and technical prowess.

Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online

Of course, there are the five F2P games, great to play at any time:

  • Winner of the “Best International PC game of 2009″ at this years German Game Developer Awards, Runes of Magic.
  • The quirky, family-friendly, and cute 3D, massively multiplayer online adventure game developed by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), Free Realms.
  • Perfect World, rooted in Chinese myth, sporting a nice level of polish, and becoming increasingly popular.
  • The fantasy/steam-punk themed MMOG Atlantica Online, which marries strategy with turn-based combat for an interesting take on the combat norm.
  • The little gem of an MMO, Granado Espada with it’s excellent artwork, great visuals, unique setting, and an interesting take on combat.
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