EverQuest II, Sentinel’s Fate ‘Stonebrunt Highlands’ Preview

Sentinel's Fate logo

Sentinel's Fate logo

EverQuest II, Sentinel’s Fate, in addition to being a fantastic all-in-one compilation featuring all previous expansions and content, brings plenty of new things to the table: new items, equipment, quests, dungeons, and zones. The first of these Zones is the Sundered Frontier. The second is the Stonebrunt Highlands.

Stonebrunt Highlands is a higher-level area, designed for players level 85-90. There is plenty of exploration to be found, and quests reveal much about the mysteries of the area and it’s people.

Places of interest within the Stonebrunt Highlands:

  • The Moonfield Hamlet – The starting area of the highlands, it serves as an introduction to the zone and a resource of information and helpful advice (and direction).
  • Quel”lee, a segregated village that divided itself between two factions, the Erudites who worshipped Quellious, and the heretics of Paineel and their temple to Cazic Thule. The village has fallen into disrepair due to neglect by it’s subjects, who embraced research and fact and abandoned their gods.
  • Stonebrunt Highlands

    Stonebrunt Highlands

    The Mausoleum of Scholars – The resting place of some of the greatest minds of Erudin. The tombs of Erud, first leader of the Erudites, and Al’Kabor, greatest Norrathian wizard, lie within this place.

  • Al’Kabor’s Rest – A small town that has grown due to pilgrimage, located at the base of the great plateau. Centering around the resting place of Al’ Kabor, people come from all of Odus to pay their respect.
  • The Erudin Gardens – Wonderous gardens that served as something of a “playground” for those dabbing in magics. People once came to research or practice their arts within the place, though it is now considered dangerous despite it’s beauty.

Adam “Zaphax” Stevens was responsible for putting the zone together. When asked about the story, he states, “The story being told in the Stonebrunt Highlands is slowly revealed as the player makes their way from one point of interest to the next. I would highly recommend that players speak with all the NPCs they encounter. Each will have their own story or perspective about the events which have irrevocably shaped their homeland.”

EverQuest II, Sentinel’s Fate will be available for purchase in retail stores on February 16th, and will be available digitally on February 23rd. Both versions are being offered at $39.99. There is also a Collectors Edition of the expansion being offered for $69.99, which features (among other things) an exclusive armored Highland Stalker in-game mount and collectible pet figurine.

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