MLG Halo 3 Match Ruined by Glitch

In physical professional sports, a technical error is rarely a concern. A game may be stopped due to a faulty scoreboard and a team may lose some momentum, but the game would not have to be replayed.

According to official Major League Gaming rules however, the match must be restarted if a technicality occurs, and given the situation that occurred to teams Trigger Down and Classic, maybe it is time to rethink those rules.

Trigger Down was a split second away from winning a Capture the Flag Halo 3 game against their rivals when the host Xbox 360 locked up, preventing the flag from being captured a virtual foot or two away from its final resting place. Frustration can be seen on the player’s face, although it must have been even worse when Trigger Down lost the replay 5-2.

That said, while rules are written for a reason, this was not a situation where the flag being captured was a close call. The entirety of Classic’s team was down, and with respawn times, they clearly could not have won in that situation. Sportsmanship should say to concede the game, admit the loss, and move on. MLG officials made the right call; Team Classic did not.

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