Ace Combat Joint Assault PSP Uses Real Locales


Namco’s generally superb Ace Combat series is usually consistent, with original stories, cinematic styles, and fictional warring countries. Surprisingly, with the upcoming PSP edition called Joint Assault, Ace Combat officially enters the real world. Cities such as San Francisco and Tokyo will be the settings for the various dogfights.

In addition to that first, Joint Assault is named as such for the four-player co-op available via Ad Hoc, Ad Hoc Party, and Infrastructure. Players are split into teams with specific tasks in each level, giving the series a new dynamic. Versus multiplayer is also an option.

What is surprising is that all of these features are being given to the portable series, instead of the main line on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A co-op Ace Combat online on either Xbox Live or PSN would be spectacular.

Namco is likely feeling the heat from UbiSoft’s fine HAWX entry, which certainly stole some of the thunder from Ace Combat. However, the biggest push would be on the home consoles, making Joint Assault sound more like a test run.

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