Calling All Cars Goes Offline


One of the early stars of the PlayStation Network was the David Jaffe-designed Calling All Cars. The frenzied vehicular combat was a lively, cartoonish free-for-all, but it apparently never found an audience.

Jaffe admits in his farewell, written not long before the servers were taken offline for good, that hardly five people were ever online playing. Some supporters boosted those numbers prior to the eventual “plug being pulled,” but it was never going to be enough to keep the game functional. Jaffe admits to the game’s flaws, including a lack of staying power and any type of defensive play.

It is a shame too, because at the time, Calling All Cars was fairly well hyped and critically received. Unfortunately, as the PSN line-up grew, people obviously forgot the early little gem, preferring to do more with their (then) $600 game console. You certainly can’t blame them for seeking out a more epic, fulfilling experience, but a game or two a week of Calling All Cars was always fun.

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