MAG Beta Ends, Stats Impressive


The upcoming 256-player online, PS3 exclusive FPS MAG recently went through a public beta period, and over a million people experienced the action… or did they? Oddly, only 619,000 actually earned experience in the game, while a slim 143 people actually made it to a level 60 cap.

Of the three factions, SVER ended up on the bottom of the pack in terms of its player base, but oddly came out on top of the Sabotage game mode. Apparently, hardcore players lean toward SVER.

More interesting stats? A whopping 225 years of gameplay time were logged (mostly by those 143 who maxed out their level likely… ), the average total playtime being 3.2 hours per player. For the record, that is 1,971,000 hours of gameplay in a meager week long beta. That’s a lot of time to strain those servers before the game’s official release on January 26th.

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