Battle of the Immortals: New MMORPG from the Developers Behind Perfect World

Logon and Concept art for BOI

Logo and Concept art for Battle of the Immortals

While the logo is rather reminiscent of the logo from a popular Blizzard MMORPG, Battle of the Immortals (BOI) is a brand new MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment. Xarfox, a staff member for PWE, posted an new entry on the website’s blog, detailing some of the nuances of the game.

Xarfox starts the blog entry with a defense of the similarities among games developed by Perfect World Entertainment.

“One of the primary complaints I see from players across all of our titles here at PWE is that our games share a lot of similar characteristics. Time and time again I hear or read, “Oh great another copy/paste game from Perfect World.” I could spend an entire era writing about why I don’t agree with that statement, but that’s not what I’m here to write about today.”

He then claims that Battle of the Immortals is perhaps the “most unique offering to date” from PWE. The reason for this is that, unlike a majority of PWE’s titles, which are developed in Beijing, China, Battle of the Immortals is being developed in a completely different studio in Shanghai. Thus, because it is being developed by a different studio, one can assume the game itself will offer a new gameplay experience.

Clawed warrior image from BOI

Clawed warrior image from BOI

Looking at the screen-shots for BOI, the games models are very, very nicely detailed. Xarfox divulges (regarding the clawed warrior image), “What you can’t see is that the claws independently move occasionally, and the eyes located on the knuckles of the claws look around as you battle enemies.” He then goes on to detail the intricate metal wings in the second armor set, all of which move and shift independently. Finally, he describes the dark armor set, which illustrates how detailed the models actually are. The helmet opens and closes, and the shield and weapon have two modes each.

The more recent updates reveal the setting and story of the game, and the game details. Combining elements of western culture (such as Norse mythology) with eastern culture (like the Qin Dynasty), the world of Motenia finds itself in the aftermath of Ragnarok. The cataclysm re-shaped the known world three hundred years prior and sealed away vital artifacts in the process, and its effects can still be felt by the game world despite the passing of time. As if the struggling and strife caused by Ragnarok were not enough, a Goddess of Fate foresees the return of the Dragon Emperor, an infamous overlord who was sealed into stone along with his army. He and his armies are destined to break free, and overtake the world if he is not stopped by the power of the artifacts.

In-game image of BOI

In-game image of BOI

The update also came with some excellent illustrations; one image depicts a dynamic battle between two shrouded warriors on ominous mounts in the netherworld. Another reveals a female caster, with two sets of beautiful white wings. The last illustration reveals a battle between warriors and dragon-mounted fighters attacking a burning city.

The most recent update reveals the game details.

  • Battle of the Immortals is described as a 2.5D Action MMORPG.
  • There are 5 Classes, each with their own unique skill sets and equips.
  • The game features a Zodiac System, which empowers your characters according to their birth date.
  • Auto-Navigation Quest System, which allows for easy progress without having look up quest info.
  • Soul Gear System, unique sets of gear for each class that grow and change with use.
  • Hardcore PvP.¬†encouraging battle against one another with a deep and detailed ranking system.


    In-game image of BOI

  • Hardcore PvE. allowing battle against players within dungeons for the right to take down bosses.
  • PvE Timetrials, races against other groups and guilds to kill bosses; those with the fastest time gain access to even greater challenges.
  • A pet system, featuring a wide variety of pets ranging from cute critters to nasty fiends.
  • A mount system, allowing players to ride and fight while shortening travel time.
  • Territory War System, which allows battle with other guilds for relics, resources, and treasures.

Xarfox also states that there will be a large Battle of the Immortals update coming up, and that details of the games closed beta will be released soon as well. Truth be told, the fact that the game is designed by a different studio than most Perfect World Entertainment games, the 2.5D action, and many of the game features, really shoots this MMORPG above many others. It looks and sounds genuinely promising.

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