Rock Band Network Open Beta Arrives


You may remember a news piece some months back that revealed a few of the details concerning the  innovative Rock Band Network project.  An open beta of the feature has now been released, giving any tech savvy musicians in our midst a chance to explore what the Rock Band Network has to offer.

The Rock Band Network, which was initially announced in July, will allow budding musicians to upload their songs and convert them into playable tracks which they will then be able to sell to other Rock Band users for profit.

The feature will be native to the Xbox 360 but stand out-tracks will be ported over to both PS3 and Wii, following a 30 day debut on 360. In order to take advantage of this song creation system, players will need to own a copy of Rock Band 2 and become members of Microsoft’s XNA Creators Club online.

There has been some delays in moving the service into open beta. Originally, Harmonix planned to enter open beta with the Rock Band Network in August in the US and there may well be more delays in having everything up and running according to the developer.  Harmonix have stated that the service won’t officially go live until there is a “good base of content”.

Those wanting to take advantage of the service will be able to upload their music, provide reviews of other users tracks and preview any added content.  Contributing artists will be able to price their songs between $1 -$3.

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