The Paladin Class Coming to Karos Online

Paladin pose screen-shotNHN has confirmed that the Paladin character class will be part of the coming weeks’ game update, which also features a list of improvements and bug-fixes for the free-to-play MMORPG.

The Paladin class is a female class for Humans with particularly high resilience, making them prime meat-shields in close-quarter combat. In addition to being great warriors, Paladins can also provide support to allies with protection and healing spells. At level 15, as with other classes in Karos Online, a Paladin can branch into different specialty careers:

  • Defender, which can support parties with protective buffs
  • Holy Knight, with it’s powerful defensive auras.

The Paladin is one of several previously announced classes to join the ranks of Karos Online, including; Blader, with it’s two-handed melee attacks, Rogue, specializing in dual-wielding attacks, Bowmistress, picking-off enemies with ranged projectile attacks, Mystic, firing-off ranged magic attacks, and the Sorceress, wielding magical spells and de-buffs.

Karos Online is currently in open beta, which is available to play at the games website. More game details will be unveiled as the game nears commercial launch.

Karos Online is an upcoming F2P MMORPG by the developers behind Last Chaos. The game revolves around an vital energy called Fletta, and the struggle for it’s control among players and people of the world. The game has rich RPG elements, a good range of class skills and nice visual and effects, and nice end-game content (castle sieges, and the like), in addition to interesting dungeons and promising exploration.

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