Starcraft 2 Offering Mac Support Immediately

Those who use a Mac for their gaming needs (and no, we won’t use the age old joke of the Mac and gaming) will be pleased to know that Blizzard’s upcoming RTS sequel will offer Mac support out of the box.

Starcraft 2 is now certainly part of that rare breed that does not get a Mac port a year down the road. When responding about the details of any digital versions of the game, the response from Blizzard poster Xordiah was slightly vague:

“Further details on digital download possibilities will be released as we get closer to the ship date.”

Note that a “ship date” is not specified, still keeping anxious, patient (and certainly the non-patient) fans in the dark about when they’ll be able to use their Macs again for gaming. Insert generic PR response of, “when it’s done” here.

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