EverQuest II’s Battlegrounds, a Multiplayer Haven

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Scheduled for release of February 16, EverQuest II unveils Battlegrounds, three competitive, PvP-heavy battlefields. Battlegrounds offers three different types of matches, (Capture the Flag, Hold Territory, and Hold the Relic), capable of hosting up to 48 players total. Battlegrounds will be available for players with characters level 80 to 90. The all-new Chaos armor sets are offered as a reward for winning.

The three new zones and games details according to the official website are the:

Battlefield of Ganak

A deep jungle rife with over-grown keeps and ruins, where a group of Iksar hold tournaments that, while mimicking their ancestral practice of looting and sacking, are done purely as sport. Combat secrets, battle techniques and plenty of other valuable information is rewarded to victorious players. Battlefield of Ganak offers:

  • Game Type: Capture the Flag
  • Players: 6 Person Group
  • Environment: Outdoor arena with two large oppositional bases with intersecting interiors
  • Objective: Capture the enemy’s flag located within their base and return it to your base with your flag still in place
  • Win Condition: First team to successfully capture and return three flags wins

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Smugglers Den

Seafaring factions are constantly at each others throats, vying for power and rewarding any mercenary who aids them in their struggle. Neither side can afford to loose territory to the other. Control over key positions is crucial.

  • Game Type: Hold Territory
  • Players: 24 Person Group
  • Environment: Five spires on top of two pinnacles jutting out of a raging ocean
  • Objective: Gain control and hold towers longer than the opposition to earn Tower Tickets
  • Win Condition: First team to reach the displayed Tower Ticket goal wins

Gears of Klak’Anon

Gnomes offer up a rather twisted experiment-turned-entertainment event, Hold the Relic. Studying the effects of a magical and unusual relic, which drains health but grants its possessor great offensive power, the Gnomes offer these games to further their studies, and entertain themselves.

  • Game Type: Hold the Relic
  • Players: 6 Person Group
  • Environment: Industrious clockwork foundry containing scientific equipment in motion
  • Objective: Acquire and hold the relic to accrue points faster than the opposition
  • Win Condition: First team to reach the set score wins

It will be interesting to see how these multi-player matches turn out. They have seemingly great potential, offering players fun and exciting objective-based gameplay in the same vein as a shooter-type multiplayer game.

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