Possibility of Lawsuit over iPad

There has been a considerable buzz surrounding the unveiling of Apple’s latest handheld device, the iPad. What Apple seem to have overlooked is the existence of a product, which is also registered under the name iPad, representing a big ‘whoopsy’ on their part.

Consumer electronics company, Fujitsu, believe that Apple’s new touchscreen device may be an infringement of a trademark they have already claimed. Back in 2002, Fujitsu created a handheld device, marketed as a “retailing computer product”, under the name iPad. The device’s features included — Bluetooth, VoIP support, a 3.5 inch colour touchscreen display and an Intel chip.

Issuing a statement to CVG, Fujitsu said:

“Fujitsu Frontech North America is aware of Apple’s iPad announcement and the possible infringement on our trademark, which has been in use in connection with Fujitsu mobile retailing computer products since 2002.

“We are currently discussing our options with our trademark counsel and have no further comment at this time.”

With Apple’s marketing compulsion of using ‘i’ as a prefix in the naming of their pocket gizmos, the name iPad seemed like a reasonable move for Apple. What seems less reasonable is overlooking an eight-year old product due to a lack of research. Just what Fujitsu’s next move may be is currently unknown, but we’ll let you know when some new information surfaces.

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