Rumor Dept: PSP Go ReLaunch Coming Soon?

Citing “a source close to Sony,” site Gamervision has posted that Sony may be looking at giving the PSP Go another chance. Apparently, the console has under-performed, not terribly surprising giving the sheer amount of negativity surrounding the announcement of the hardware.

What will the relaunch consist of? A price drop (although to what is not stated) and a new marketing blitz to sell people on the idea of a digital-based handheld.

There is no doubt the PSP Go is a dud. Locally, just browsing stores that carry the hardware, there are numerous units on shelves. A local Meijer location has had five units since launch, likely the same five and not a re-stock. Not only have consumers not entirely warmed to digital content (unless it goes for the Apple standard of a few dollars) at higher prices, the gimped hardware is entirely unnecessary, especially given the previous three iterations of the system before that.

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