Global Agenda Launches Worldwide

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February 1st sees the official launch of Hi-Rez’ s massively multiplayer online team-based shooter, Global Agenda.

Global Agenda takes place in the near future, rife with conflict and advanced technologies. Todd Harris, Executive Producer, describes the vision behind the title:

“Our vision for Global Agenda was to combine elements from our favorite genres: the combat of a team-based shooter, accessible character progression of a role playing game, and emergent conflict, production and politics between player-formed groups competing for limited territory like a giant strategy game.”

Global Agenda allows players to experience the games’ co-op and competitive multiplayer upon purchase. Global Agenda also offers an optional subscription package, titled Global Agenda: Conquest, which allows players to participate in massive-scale territorial combat over a persistent world map.

Global Agenda

Those who opt not to subscribe can enjoy leveling eight different characters, participate in PvP and co-op missions, throughout locations all over the game world.

Global Agenda: Conquest players form their own groups, called Agencies (read: Guilds), that conquer territory, construct facilities and vehicles, orchestrate raids, form alliances, etc. Guild-type stuff.

As a bonus, Hi-Rez is allowing every player who purchases the game access to Global Agenda: Conquest, until March 3, 2010.

The payment model could literally make or break this game. If the game develops enough online substance, players may be essentially required to subscribe to Conquest in order to properly enjoy the title. On the other hand, players who pay a monthly subscription fee will expect content and updates worth the price of the subscription.

We will have to wait and see how it plays out.

Global Agenda is available for purchase from Steam, the Amazon Marketplace, or directly from Hi-Rez Studios.

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