Valkyrie Sky, Impressing Players with Free Stuff

Promotional art, Valkyrie SkyValkyrie Sky played host to two events this January, the Reborn event, which rewarded players who created a new character and reached level 30 within the event time-frame, and the Resurrection event, which rewarded players who used their resurrection-coin sets from January 13 to January 20 with an extra set of coins.

The Resurrection event was intended to celebrate the launch of the resurrection-coin item, by giving players the same amount of coins they used for resurrection. However players found the promotion very exciting and rewarding. During the event, coins were sold nearly three times as much as they would normally sell, because players found it hard to pass up the opportunity to gain twice as many coins for the price of one. According to an executive in charge of Valkyrie Sky, some users even went so far as to stockpile the coins during the event.

Valkyrie Sky also hosts events that awards players who level up with cash items, and game money to players who introduce themselves in the online community. The Reborn event, for instance, rewarded players with a storage item called Hluti’s Marvelous Box, which allows characters to share items within an account. It is only available in the cash shop otherwise.

Players can only wait and see what else GameKiss and Valkyrie Sky have in store for them.

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