Week in Arcade: Chime

The first ever charity game on XBLA and there is nothing else to challenge its dominance (except ‘Splosion Man which was lowered to $5 this week).


With music from popular artists such as Moby, Chime is a unique, inventive little puzzler. Players take Tetris-like pieces and place them anywhere on a grid. The goal is to fill each space with a piece of a blocks you create from the awkward shapes. Given their style, it is far from simple, but the hypnotic music makes it a calming, involving experience.

At a meager$5, and 60% of the purchase price going to charity, Chime is really a no-brainer, although the rather large file size is a bit questionable. Oh, and it offers a 50-point achievement just for buying it as a thank you. No one should be without Chime.

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