Rumor Dept: “Final” Name for Sony Motion Controller

It looks like we’ve got some further support for one of the presumed names for Sony’s motion controller, although Sony still insist on keeping the official reveal a big secret. THQ CEO, Brian Farrell, referenced the motion controller as “Arc” at a recent investors call. This supports VG247‘s claims of a “concrete source” that also labeled the upcoming peripheral as “Arc”.

We’ve already had John Riccitiello slip and refer to it as “Gem” late last year at the global media conference, which was later reported by Sony to have been the prototype name for the project. The name “Wand” was also floating around this series of tubes we call home for a while. Other tentative names include the  ‘we can’t actually do motion control…these are just light bulbs on plastic’ baton and the ‘look we’ve got twice as many waggle sticks as the Wii’ tubes.

Joking aside, it’ll be interesting to see how this motion controller war pans out. With two new motion controllers being added to the console pool, the Wii loses its excuse for standing by its 128 bit graphics card and maybe a chunk of sales.