Halo 2 Currently Unplayable for Some on Xbox Live

Microsoft has already started breaking down Xbox Live for original Xbox owners, starting with the removal of all DLC from the service.

The problem is that DLC is required for all Halo 2 playlists, so those that signed on for a few games today can no longer access required DLC. So, if someone replaced their hard drive or deleted the content to make space for some reason, they currently cannot join in.

Bungie’s response was not particularly reassuring to those looking to take part in a promised farewell come April, but they must have some ideas:

“Not sure what, if any, solution we can work out, but we definitely can’t adjust the playlists over the weekend. Sit tight.”

This also brings to light what will happen to your downloadable content, whatever it may be, and you don’t even have to wait until April to find out. Once you delete it, or that hard drive goes, that content is forever gone, a harsh lesson for some on the downside of digital content. When you hear people speaking out against digital content, here is one of the key reasons why: Inability to access content you have rightfully paid for.

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