Free Realms Breaks Eight Million Registered Users

Free Realms Logo, Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has revealed that over eight million users have registered to play Free Realms to date. Free Realms is a quirky free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that is very family-friendly, offering more of an all-in-one online game experience rather than a story or quest-driven game. Combat is just one facet of gameplay, as players are free to play however they wish: fighting off goblins, cooking, raising a pet, going on quests, or just network and interact with other players.

Free Realms is scheduled to start up the “Festival of Hearts” this week, a month-long celebration of love, kindness and friendship. The “Festival of Hearts” offers plenty of events; many activities and quests that weave together items and rewards that represent the holiday, such as hearts, candies, cards, flowers, love potions, etc. All players can participate if they so wish. In addition to the many events offered during this time, new pets (Hippo, Tiger, Beetle, Groundhog, and Owl) will be available in the marketplace.

John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment has this to say about the popular and ever-growing MMORPG:

“Free Realms is more than just a virtual world for our players; it is a portal for imagination. A place where players transform their house into a jumping maze for friends to compete or a petting zoo that boasts all their pets. Our job as developers is to listen to and predict what they want and give them the tools that inspire and compel them to share their experiences with eight million others.”

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