Original Xbox DLC Back Up

Chalk this one to a simple “whoops” on the part of Microsoft. Last week, when the company announced that Xbox Live for the original Xbox was going down in flames for good, all of the DLC vanished, and Halo 2 was no longer playable for some.

The good news is that someone flipped a switch, and the content servers are back up. That’s great for the Halo 2 send off, and for anyone who missed some single player DLC, but there is still some other content out there. It is sort of surprising Microsoft would still be charging full price for this stuff, at least on first party title such as Project Gotham 2. At this point, either a discount or a free download would be appreciated, especially since anything paid for will now prove to be utterly worthless.

So, in the final days, will Microsoft bend and allow people access to this stuff, or will you still have to pay $10 for the content on April 14th that will only be good one day?

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