Uncharted 2 DLC Incoming Feb. 25th

Those who are enjoying the enjoyable multiplayer of Uncharted 2 are getting boost, as new player skins and maps are coming February 25th.

The reasonably priced PSN download is $5.99, which includes two maps, six new skins, additional trophies, and freshly minted in-game medals. Why so cheap? Almost all of this is familiar content, carried over from the first Uncharted. The maps are inspired by original levels, and the character skins are from characters in the original. Still, this took some time to implement, so kudos to Naughty Dog and Sony for not gouging customers.

Trophies are entirely of the multiplayer persuasion, a nice boost to a game that initially featured nothing but single player challenges. The same goes for the medals. That will give some users a bit of incentive to jump online and discover what is a well-rounded online affair.

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