Console Version and Release of Blade & Soul Confirmed

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Blade & Soul, Blade Master, NCsoft.

Blade & Soul, the upcoming blockbuster MMORPG by Korea developer NCsoft (the developers behind Aion and Lineage) will be entering Closed Beta Testing during the first half of 2010, and is expected to launch in 2011, according to MMOSite. Blade & Soul is a heavily stylized martial-arts MMORPG, with artwork and character designs by renouned Manhwa artist Hyung Tae-Kim. The report cited by MMOsite also states that Guild Wars II is expected to launch in 2011, and Aion is expected to see it’s update (Aion 2.0) during the first half of this year, 2010.

According to Gamerzhaven, the CEO of NCsoft Kim Taek Jin stated in a conference call that Blade & Soul has entered the final stages of development, and NCsoft is speeding it’s development to meet the official 2011 release.

It has also been confirmed that a console version of Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2 are also under steady development alongside the PC version.  Until now there has only been speculation about a possible console version of the title, stemming from the exclusivity deal NCsoft made with Sony regarding new IPs.

All in all, this is fantastic news. A stellar MMORPG for both PC and console release, as well as an estimated release for the title. Stay tuned for more information about Blade & Soul from the CBT in the near future.

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