Battle of the Immortals Closed Beta Delayed

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Battle of the Immortals, the upcoming MMORPG by Perfect World Entertainment, was to launch its closed beta test on February 10th. Because PWE insists it is trying to polish the game to a shine, they are delaying the Battle of the Immortals CBT until mid-April. Xarfox, a staff member for PWE, states on the Perfect World Blog that:

Over the past several months, we have been localizing, updating, patching, revising, and testing BoI. Now over the past week, we’ve been slaving away, working nights, coordinating with the development team, and drinking energy drinks non-stop. We’ve made a huge amount of progress with our version of BoI, however we’re still not satisfied with the results.

Battle of the Immortals is a free to play Action-MMORPG with very nice visuals, offering an interesting combat system, an in-depth mount and pet system. In addition to being able to customize and level pets and mounts, Battle of the Immortals allows players the occasional chance to collect a fought monster as a fighting companion.

Slayer Soul Gear, PWE

In line with its great visuals, Battle of the Immortals features equipment called “Soul Gear”, shape-shifting articles that literally move and transform. The Slayer set, for example, as described by xarfox, “is surrounded by floating chains that rotate and turn around the player’s body. The gigantic daggers flip out like huge switchblades, while the gears at the top of the hilt turn.”

Battle of the Immortals is shaping up to be a promising F2P MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment. All that remains to be seen is how the battle system plays out.

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