1 VS. 100 Success Will Try To Be Expanded

Aaron Greenberg  recently commented on Xbox Live’s 1 vs. 100 saying , “In many ways we are pioneering an entirely new category of entertainment and it has been very successful.”  According to the director of product management, this has them thinking of new programming  possibilities in this area.

The news of possible expansion in this section of online gaming should have Live fans very excited. For those of us who have partaken in the 1 vs. 100  experience, I think, we can agree that it is over all a very positive one.  With the game being free to download yet still offering prizes for players on live show nights the idea is brilliant. For the first time in memory Microsoft is doing something to provide up to date entertainment with no cost to the gamers (ed note: Yes, he just jinxed us all).

The pleasant game play (which is actually educational) draws in such a crowd that they have had no problem getting advertisers to take spots on the show. Kudos to Microsoft for originally envisioning this concept, and for giving something back to the gamers. We can’t wait to see what other games will come out to mimic the structure created with 1 vs. 100.

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