Windows 7 Phones Supporting Xbox Live

It was announced years ago as Xbox Live Anywhere, but now it seems it may finally see the light of day. The Windows Phone 7 will officially support the service, allowing you to view your friends list, Avatar, view Spotlight Channel content, and allow for turn-based multiplayer.

Major Nelson’s announcement post also includes this little note, which states,  “Collect Achievements and build your Gamerscore.” In other words, some games will be playable on the phone itself, adding the ability to play on the go, although this seems to be the only information on that feature at the moment. Whether or not you’ll need to purchase these games again remains to be seen as well.

Of course, this is all quite limiting, as apparently there is no support for those with older phones based around Windows Mobile. Also, these features are probably not worth an upgrade for many, and the term “upgrade” may not even seem right to those toting around iPhones and the like.

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