Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game Introduces ‘The Threat of the Conqueror’

Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, 'The Threat of the Conqueror' logo & artwork, SOE & LucasArts

The seventh expansion for Sony Online Entertainment’s Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, scheduled for release this March, brings with it plenty of new game-play and loot cards for players to get their hands on.┬áNew special-forces themed cards and the new Bith and Duros avatar race cards allow players to expand their decks substantially, and with some ten new story scenarios, the game play is bound to last for quite a while.

The new story scenarios revolve around the Conqueror, the Empire’s massive new Star Destroyer. Players can aid Alliance Renegade Squadron by gathering intel and helping to locate the war-machine before it or it’s captain, Victor Strang, can cause any damage. Players can also side with the Emperor’s Storm Commandos and aid in quelling the rebel insurgence to secure the safe voyage of the Conqueror.

Card Artwork, Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game

The Threat of the Conqueror adds over 200 new playable cards and 30 new loot cards to the Trading Card Game, bumping the total number of in-game cards to over 1,800.

The new playable cards feature unique keyword abilities that either grant “Intel” labeled units bonuses when they come into play, or enable “Reinforcement” bonuses, which allow players to play additional reinforcement units the longer a game plays out.

This expansion also introduces new cards to the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, including:

  • User-Created Art Cards- Winners of the Star Wars Galaxies Galactic Civil War Photo Contest (one Rebel-themed, Imperial themed, and Neutral-themed winner will have their created art appear as cards in the expansion.
  • New Loot Cards- Over 30 special-forces-themed loot cards will be made available.
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