Tecmo Bowl Throwback on PSN and XBLA

The ESRB has leaked what has been rumored for a little while, that Tecmo is planning a version of the classic Tecmo Bowl football franchise for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Definitive details remain unannounced, but real teams are a no go since EA still has that license tied up. The DS had a version back in 2008 names Tecmo Bowl Kickoff with fantasy teams and players, but the usual round of season play that made the original a classic. Tecmo also left well enough alone in terms of gameplay as well.

From the ESRB’s description, one can guess this is going to stay true to the source:

“This is a top-down arcade-style football game in which players compete against teams around the country to become the “Tecmo Bowl Champion.” Some of the football highlights are depicted in animated cutscenes (with better graphics)…”

No release date, screens, or even an official press release, but we can at least take note that yes, it is not far off now. So, as long as it doesn’t play like the early original PlayStation disaster, everyone should be happy, despite the lack of Bo Jackson.

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