Allods Online's Cash-Shop Uproar

Allods Online

Allods Online entered open beta worldwide on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. What would have been a great opening to such a promising title was marred by the spectacularly over-priced Item/Cash shop. Ironically, this writer praised Allods Online previously for avoiding such a pit-fall. The Closed-Beta cash-items were significantly less expensive, and more varied.

Some of the higher-priced items are now listed as such:

  • Perfume x 1 = 75c
  • Perfume x 20 = $13.50
  • 24 Slot Bag x 1 = $20.00

Perfumes allow players to PvP, for about half an hour. A set of twenty allow players to raid and PvP for a mere ten hours. Perfumes are also used to remove the “Fear of Death” de-buff, which penalizes players for dying by lowering their offensive stats by 25%. The effects stacks, to make matters worse. The average pay-to-play subscription is about $14.95, and gives players access to PvP, PvE, all the bags, mounts, and content players want, and month of playtime. Any critical consumer can satisfy their MMORPG needs for a much more reasonable price than what Allods is offering.

Allods Online

Players were absolutely outraged at the prices, and did not hesitate to say so on the gPotato forums.

Since the cash shops’ opening the developers have made an official statement regarding the issue.

“Over the next several weeks we will continue to evaluate the details of our item shop and we will begin to introduce new items to help assist you throughout your Allods experience. We wanted to make clear that beyond the introduction of the item shop nothing has changed in Allods that wouldn’t allow you to enjoy the game just as much as you did during closed beta. You can still enjoy the entire game without ever having to spend a single cent. Additionally, many of the items available in the item shop are tradable in-game, appear through a number of quests, and can be auctioned off by other players.”

We will just have to wait and see how what changes the Allods Team actually makes.

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