Week in Arcade: Lazy Raiders, Fret Nice, Greed Corp

The first triple decker of 2009 marks this weeks releases, and they’re not half bad.

Lazy Raiders

Quite a bit of fun, this simple maze/collectible title has the player using only the A button and the left analog. The idea is quite simple, to move an explorer (or your avatar) around a map by spinning it, as he is too lazy to walk. You can flip the entire maze by hitting A. Various hazards such as spikes line the caves, making the enjoyable sliding a game of dexterity and skill. This is one of those simple ideas that works beautifully, looks great, and can be picked up and played in your free time.

Fret Nice

PSN users will recognize this one (it came out there two weeks ago), a platformer based around music. The floaty but enjoyable jumping mechanics are mixed with a unique way of dispatching enemies: with notes. When played with a guitar, the idea works, if not the execution. Response time simply is not what it should be with a guitar in your hand compared to a controller. Once the buttons are mastered, zapping enemies is satisfying, and the slower pacing is actually refreshing.

Greed Corp

Strategy fans will love this cartoony and fast-paced title. Set in a crumbling, hexagonal world, four corporate giants battle for control over the remaining resources. The consistently collapsing landscape forces the player to keep moving and not simply sit back and build an army. Colorful and lively, with four eager players online, Greed Corp carries a lot of potential if it finds an audience.