Jace Hall Plays W.O.W. and Tells Game Haters to ‘Kiss My Ass’

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Maybe he plays Warcraft, maybe he doesn’t. Still, it’s comforting to know that the gaming industry has an ally that is as vocal as Jace Hall against the prejudices of mass media. Jace Hall, executive producer of ABC-TV’s drama V: The Series and star of The Jace Hall Show (a popular web series hosted by Jace Hall, revolving around the video games and celebrity interviews), is speaking out against game critics and nay-sayers with the release of his latest song, “I Play W.O.W.”

Even despite the positive attention video gaming receives, the general consensus by mass media is that it isn’t a serious activity or form of entertainment, that it is detrimental to the player, and that players themselves are lazy, anti-social, no-good slackers. Hall’s message to these claims and the negative attention is simply, “Kiss My Ass”.

“I Play W.O.W” is from Hall’s forth-coming EP, titled Video Games Aren’t Bad For You, available on iTunes.

Hall’s statement is both a defense against critics, and positive reassurance, affirming that gamers shouldn’t feel ashamed because they play, and shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed either. Hall says, “There is no shame in this activity, in fact ‘WE ARE PROUD THAT WE PLAY! WHAT I AM DOING IS PRODUCTIVE FOR ME IN MANY WAYS.  SO KISS MY ASS AND GET OFF MY BACK.”

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He adds, “When you are told that you are being lazy, or wasting your time, or being anti social – when in fact you have just spent 22 hours working VERY hard with a GROUP of people accomplishing extremely difficult tasks – you want to tell the uninformed person accosting you to F** OFF!”

Hall equates video gaming to a popular entertainment that underwent similar scrutiny and hate during the 1950’s: Rock ‘n’ Roll. He elaborates, ““In my opinion the parents are not witnessing a problem, but instead they are seeing the capacity for efficiency and productivity on a level that far surpasses their own.  The problem solving processes presented by video games can encourage continuous cognitive growth in many.  Video games and the internet culture is the new Rock ’n’ Roll.  Of course parents hate it. They are supposed to. They don’t understand it.”

While Jace Hall may compare the issue to Rock ‘n’ Roll, video gaming in the media is somewhat unique in that it is under-appreciated as a quality form of entertainment, and is at the same time over-responsible for some darkest acts of violence and stupidity in the last twenty years. It will be a challenge for video gaming to earn the respect that other forms of entertainment have, but fortunately, we have some strong voices on our side.

The Jace Hall Show can be seen on IGN.com.

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