NBA 2K10 PC Online Patch Coming

Yes, we know what you are thinking. “Didn’t NBA 2K10 come out in like, October or something?”

You would be correct.

“So, since this story is just running now, are you saying the online play is still borked almost five months later?”


It seems the patch to fix online play is still being worked on, and will be released when the dreaded “when it’s ready” phrase runs its course. Players are not happy as some are completely unable to connect to lobbies for a single match-up. In other words, the problems extend way beyond lag. Console players do not seem to be struggling with the same problems.

If you like to join in the forum frenzy on the title, feel free to drop into Sega’s forum for NBA 2K10 on the PC and let your voice be heard. Or, maybe pick up a console version if that’s an option.

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