Perfect World Entertainment Elaborates on ‘Battle of the Immortals’ Delay

Closed Beta delay header for the PWE blog. Battle of the Immortals

The delay of the Battle of the Immortals Closed Beta disappointed a fair share of fans, even despite the explanation given on the Perfect World Entertainment Blog. Perfect World Entertainment’s Sam “QforQ” Houston decided to explain in detail exactly why Battle of the Immortals is being delayed, and discuss what the closed beta test, expected some time in April, will bring to the table.

Here is a list of changes that are being worked on for BOI before the Closed Beta:

  • Support for Windows 7
  • Support for 64-bit systems
  • Support for higher monitor resolutions
  • Fully integrated in-game video tutorial system
  • Revised cash shop structure and items
  • Revised quest flow for low level players
  • Revised monster AI
  • Readjusted damage and HP for both players and monsters
  • Revised dungeon loot tables

Houston describes many of these points in-depth.

BOI will be updated to Version 1.55, which includes the most recent expansion for the game released in China. Many of the features in the expansion greatly impact the gameplay, while others effect play less so. The team felt that all of them effect player enjoyment.

The game has been adjusted to support Windows 7, 64-Bit machines, and High-Resolution monitors. Considering the details on the gear presented, it is no surprise Perfect World Entertainment wished for the best possible visual support they could muster.

The Cash Shop structure has been re-worked, which will impact the game greatly. The game’s shop focuses particularly on a “Gem-Socketing” system, which allows players to attach gems to armor or weapons for enhancements and boosts. (Think Materia, from Final Fantasy VII). These gems have some powerful effects, and the system in China allows players to purchase high level gems (higher level gems have stronger effects), through the cash shop. This creates a scenario where money literally talks, and the player willing to spend the most money gets a tremendous advantage over those who do not. This system is being re-worked for the North American Closed Beta so that gems level 4 and higher will be available as rare drops in dungeons and from bosses, and can be combined through a chance system to create higher-level gems.

Lastly, AI is being re-adjusted, as the Chinese version of the game is very easy. In line with the “Action-RPG” mentality, NPC aggro and hitting power are being bumped up to make the game more challenging and more fun.

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