NCsoft Announces ‘Ghosts of Ascalon’ Novel for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 concept artwork

NCsoft, the premier developers and publishers behind the MMORPGs such as Aion, Lineage, City of Heroes, and the upcoming Blade & Soul, have announced a novel in the works based on the Guild Wars world. Scheduled for release during the summer of 2010, Ghosts of Ascalon is a novel based on the Guild Wars franchise, set 250 years after the events of the first Guild Wars, and one year prior to the events of  the upcoming Guild Wars 2, detailing the major events that set the scene for the Guild Wars 2 game.

The story is authored by both Matt Forbeck, designer of such RPGs as Deadlands and The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, as well as writter of short fiction, novels and computer-game scripts, and co-authored by Jeff Grubb, the writter of novels for several franchises, such as WarCraft, Dragonlance and Magic: The Gathering. Both writers are working on Guild Wars 2, which will no doubt enrich the story, especially since it details the cataclysmic events that spur the second game forward.


Guild Wars 2 concept artwork

In the original Guild Wars, players played and adventured through a vast storyline that spanned three continents while facing off against one another in combat as well as a myriad of creatures, spirits and gods. Ghosts of Ascalon takes place in the time-frame of the upcoming Guild Wars 2. Its story takes place in the land of Tyria, where a band of adventurers, each with their own demons to face, journey into the haunting and war-ruined kingdom of Ascalon to retrieve a relic that might ensure peace between humanity and their ancient enemies, the Charr.

Those who are curious about the happenings of the upcoming Guild Wars 2, or simply curious about how an MMORPG story reads as a novel, can find it in paperback format in both North America and Europe this summer.

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