Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tops February PSN Sales

Capcom’s classic mash-up sequel, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, has come out on top of Sony’s downloadable game sales races for the month of February. A newcomer, Hustle Kings, came in second.

MvC2 is undoubtedly pushed into the top spot thanks to a half-off sale, while the rest of the list is as familiar and as boring as always. Each month, we continue to wonder how lowly Mortal Kombat II, despite its undisputed greatness, is still being purchased this much (and how a XBLA port has yet to happen). You would think the game was being given away in some console life-span long promotion, but it is not. If you’re one of the few PSN owners who have not bought it, consider yourselves holding a rare piece of hardware that does not contain the classic fighter.

Besides the two fighting titles, the rest of top 10 has two Final Fantasy titles, some Ninja Turtle action, and EA’s presence is felt with Battlefield 1943 and Madden NFL Arcade. Oh, and Flower, also available as a promo during Valentine’s Day.

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