Free Realms Grows Even Larger: Nine Million Players

T-Rex ride, Free Realms

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) announced that its family-oriented online game Free Realms has surpassed nine million registered players.

“With Free Realms, we’ve been able to reflect the needs and wants of our players by keenly listening to their suggestions and feedback,” said John Smedley, president of SOE. “We believe the persistent exercise of capturing in-game research inside Free Realms has been a huge contributing factor as to why we’ve attracted over nine million players in less than a year. It truly helps us give our players a game where they can do and be whatever they want.”

Free Realms players enjoy consistent an frequent additions to their game, be it through new features or events. Last month, Free Realms introduced rides to players who purchased a membership. T-Rex and Dragon rides were made available in five different tints for 450 station cash points. These mounts allowed players to travel anywhere in the overland world at 150% their normal speed, and jump, swim, and run however they wished. More types of transportation are in the works, with Horses scheduled for release next.

Free Realms also celebrated the Festival of Hearts last month, which offered many themed events and activities revolving around friendship, love and kindness, and introducing many themed holiday items, such as hearts, candies and flowers.

Free Realms offers a wide range of mini-games and activities that players can take part in. Kart racing, pet raising, sports-playing and fighting are just a few of the many family-friendly activities the game allows. It was only last month that SOE recorded eight million registered users, and no doubt SOE’s constant support of the game and it’s friendly and quirky atmosphere contribute to Free Realms’ tremendous growth.

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