Cross-platform Xbox 360, Phone, PC Game Shown

Those wondering how the recently announced ability to play Live Arcade games across the three Microsoft platforms will work have their answers. During a presentation at TechEd Middle East, Microsoft’s Eric Rudder showed a basic platform title running on his theoretical work PC. From there, he puts it onto his Windows Phone Series, plays briefly, then pulls up the game save on this Xbox 360.

While just a demo (and it surely will not be an instantaneous process like in the video), this gives players the idea of what they will be able to do if they play across these platforms. Assuming you can do this with games you already own and you won’t have to re-buy them (*cough* 360 Game Room *cough*), this is a fantastic incentive to pick up one of the Windows phones for gamers.

Sure, it may be a blatant iPhone market intruder, but if one can play Peggle at home and on the road with a single purchase, are you going to complain?

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