USA Spent Nearly $4 Billion on MMOs in ’09

Pie Chart of MMO game revenues in the United States. Gamesindustry and TNS

According to an analysis of consumer data from Todays MMO Focus Report by and TNS, there are some 46 million MMO gamers here in the United States, and the industry raked in a staggering $3,800,000,000 in 2009. British revenues are in second, at $270M, which is higher than Germany’s $250M, and France’s $220M. The largest growth is expected to come from nations like Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Poland, and Sweden. These countries are the subject of the new MMO Emerging Markets Survey.

Twenty-one million Americans spend on average $15 a month on MMOGs and 25 million Americans play MMOGs without spending money. 90% of this budget is spent directly online.

‘Free to Play’ and ‘Pay to Play’

Charts for International MMO revenue, Gamesindustry and TNS

46% of Americans pay to play, with some $2.4 billion spent on monthly or annual subscriptions. Americans spend some $400M on boxed MMOG software or digitally downloaded clients. The micro-transactions and virtual currency of Free to Play MMOs round out revenues, grossing $1 billion.

Most popular MMO?

World of Warcraft is in the lead with 12.5 million Americans admitting to have played the game, (including those players who only used the free trial). Warcraft is followed by MMOs NeoPets, ClubPenguin, Disney’s ToonTown and Runescape. Whie World of Warcraft may be grossing the most, new MMOs released over the last few years have encouraged new players to dive into the genre and of course, companies are also finding new ways to get players to pay.

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