Week in Arcade: Scrap Metal

The Xbox Live Arcade Block Party continues with another winner.

Scrap Metal

The overhead or 3/4 view driving genre is loaded with classics, including R.C. Pro-Am and Rock ‘n Roll Racing. None of them give the satisfaction of driving, or the responsiveness of Scrap Metal. Turning, flipping through corners, and dodging other vehicles has never felt like an extension of the controller. Even before you upgrade your junker car and it slides excessively, you still feel naturally in control.

Set up in a series of races on various tracks, modes vary from survival challenges, basic races, destruction derbies, and more. Surviving is the weak link as, let’s face it, dodging is nowhere near as fun as blowing stuff up. Revving machine guns and missile launchers? That is a blast. Four-player online is hectic enough to keep player occupied, and local play is supported as well. Hopefully some DLC will beef this one up, especially in terms of tracks.

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Dime Unveils TV Ads For Investment Unit. (Dime Savings Bank; advertising for Dime Securities Inc.)(Brief Article)

American Banker September 24, 1997 | Fraser, Katharine Dime Savings Bank launched a television campaign this week in New York to attract customers to its investment subsidiary, Dime Securities Inc. go to website dime savings bank

Dime, a $20.1 billion-asset thrift, is no stranger to aggressive advertising. It already has five spots on the air that were directed by brothers Ethan and Joel Coen, who are known for their avant-garde movies, which include “Raising Arizona” and “Fargo.” The ads for Dime Securities created by Christy MacDougall Mitchell, New York, feature a financial consultant from one of its Long Island branches, Barbara Donohue, and testimonials from four customers.

Roughly 20% of the 750,000 households that use Dime for banking services also have accounts with the securities subsidiary, according to David J. Totaro, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Dime Savings. Dime Securities has $2.6 billion of assets under administration. dimesavingsbanknow.net dime savings bank

“We had reached a substantial client base. We decided we could now reach outside prospects,” Mr. Totaro said.

The direct response commercials, so-called because an “800” number is displayed for the entire 60 seconds, will run for four weeks on network time that had been canceled or was not picked up by other advertisers. They carry the slogan “mutual respect,” an idea Mr. Totaro said is furthered by the unscripted testimonials.

“It’s more credible to have real people talk about the service, advice and counsel they receive from the company than it is to have paid actors,” he said.

Fraser, Katharine