Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Pack $15

Ridiculous. Back when the first string of maps for mutliplayer games first kicked off on Xbox Live, people screamed that $10 was too much. Those who followed the Ghost Recon saga remember that mess well as UbiSoft began the trend of pricing that has come standard.

Now, Activision has taken it a step up. Realizing they have a massive player base, why not jack it up another $5 to push it ever so slightly? The Stimulus Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2, with only three new maps and two remakes, will cost 1200 MS Points.

This is undoubtedly the first step by Activision to see how far they can push a Call of Duty player. With rumors swirling about a subscription model to play on a month-by-month basis, purchasing this only proves that fans need their fix.

Live gamers complained about the $15 price point for Live Arcade games, but lo and behold, they are becoming standard. We complain about supposed downloads being already on the disc, yet we buy them anyway.

It is hard to figure out what else needs to be said, or how else to even say it anymore. The only way around this is to not buy the content. Doing so, you are supporting this slow rising price increase that will, in the future, affect your gaming experience adversely regardless of who you are or what you play. It has become an upward slope, and yet here we sit, fully supporting it.

Let the masses pick up the maps. That’s fine. There is nothing that can be done. By the hardcore audience revolting, change, however slim, can be made.

Don’t say, “It’s only this once,” because it won’t be. Don’t say, “You’re overreacting,” because the slope has already been proven. Don’t say, “It’s a good deal for five maps,” because it’s not.

You have already supported Activision by purchasing the game. That’s $60, and the game was a record seller. They are not hurting. This is a test, and if you buy these maps at this new price point, you have officially failed.

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