Valkyrie Sky Branches Into Social Networking

"My Valkyrie Sky" event image

With the tremendous growth of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, it is no real surprise that businesses have begun to invest time and money into expanding their presence to include them. Even law firms have begun to use these media sites to their advantage. And, with the United States and many wealthy nations pouring billions of dollars into MMO gaming, it is not at all surprising that game developers have begun to expand into these social networking sites as well. From March 9th to March 19th, game portal GameKiss has launched the “My Valkyrie Sky” event, which gives its Valkyrie Sky players the chance to assume the role of a public relations officer in these public media outlets.

This event was developed by GameKiss to get it’s players to publicize Valkyrie Sky on the social networking sites Youtube, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Players are asked to introduce the game briefly on these sites. There is no format limitations, so players can get as creative as possible in achieving this goal.

“Many users have volunteered in publicizing the game, and that has been a great help to the growth of the game. We always wanted to thank the users, but it is difficult to match the users’ accounts and their social network activities. That’s why we planned this event,” said Joey, who is responsible for the Valkyrie Sky service. “I hope users tell us which SNS postings they have done to receive thank-you gifts which GameKiss prepared for them”, he adds.

The event is intended to collect info and comments on Valkyrie Sky and reward its participants with thank-you gifts. Every user who participates in the event will be awarded with a coin item that can revive users upon death, and five users will be selected via lottery to win the “Pitchblack Wing” item.

All rewards will be dolled out on Wednesday, March 24th.

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