Ranked Game Path Coming for MLB 2K10 (Update)

Update: That was fast. The patch is live and should download next time you sign in.

2K Sports actually made some progress this year with their baseball franchise, which over the past few years had lagged so far behind Sony’s The Show it was nothing short of a joke. Unfortunately, with great progress comes great foul ups, and that was 2K10’s ranked matches. Some people simply cannot connect to random ranked games, a slight problem to say the least.

Thankfully, a patch is on the way for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The latter patch will also include updates previously made to the 360. Why the hold up? Who knows.

There are countless other bug fixes and gameplay adjustments on the way, detailed by a 2K Sports Forum admin on the official website. The patch should not be too far off by the time you read this, so hopefully those who are looking for some ranked action can hold off a little longer.

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