Week in Arcade: Perfect Dark

The next to last week in the XBLA Block Party brings an upgrade of a N64 FPS that is not Goldeneye, but the next best thing.

Perfect Dark

As an update, not a remake, of the N64 classic, this fixes almost everything that was wrong with the original… mainly the frame rate. Perfect Dark was a technological nightmare, whether in standard resolution or high resolution with the Expansion Pak. This XBLA release runs beautifully, and at 1080p so you can appreciate the stiff animations and blatant polygon edges even easier.

This smooth translation does show how far we’ve come in only two generations in terms of the first-person shooter, but Perfect Dark’s source is still admirable. The boxy level design and at times sparse action may turn those looking for epic set pieces off early, but the revamped (dual analog!) controls are just as important as the smooth frame rate. Auto aim does not hurt either.

Multiplayer is also a blast, hopefully filling a void for those still waiting for a Goldeneye update that will likely never happen. Perfect Dark does not need nostalgia to remain fun.

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