EA Plans New Pre-Launch DLC Strategy

Putting the content on the disc and charging us for it wasn’t enough. Raising the price of a certain map pack to $15 wasn’t enough.

Now, EA is going to take paid content to a whole new level and charge for “pre-launch DLC.”

Michael Pachter states it goes something like this: “to release premium downloadable content (PDLC) as a product for sale prior to the release of a packaged product.”

In other words, EA would release a glorified demo, somewhere in the realm of three or four hours, and charge for it. They will take advice from players and possibly implement the suggestions into the final game… which used to be called a beta test.

Joystiq asked for clarification from EA, and the answer is well, unsettling:

“”EA is working on a number of projects for delivering premium content to consumers before, during, and after the launch of a packaged-goods version of the game… To date, there is no set pricing strategy for the entire EA portfolio… And many of the proposals include free-to-play content on models similar to Madden Ultimate Team, Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 1943.”

Many of the proposals? *sigh* That still means charging people for a beta test, not offering any discount on the main game, and then tossing out more paid DLC once the game is in hand. And these companies wonder why people keep buying used games and pirating software?

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