Land of Chaos Online coming to North America

Land of Chaos Online

The opening of the teaser website for Land of Chaos Online last October promised the localization of the Korean tactical action MMOG in North America. Publisher burda:ic announced their plans to bring their alaplaya gaming portal to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, which would subsequently bring Land of Chaos Online as well.

“We’re convinced that LOCO’s stunning graphics and deep, tactical gameplay will really push the boundaries of the free-to-play MMO market,” said Achim Kaspers, Managing Director of burda:ic.

Stella, Land of Chaos Online

Land of Chaos Online, or LOCO, boasts a 30 character roster, with each character greatly varied in design, race, and abilities, which in turn allows for a nice bit of variety on the battlefield. Every character has his or her own back-story and reason for fighting, which adds a bit of depth to the game as well.

While the game includes many elements present in a MMORPG, it isn’t actually an online RPG. LOCO is more a mix of Real-Time Strategy (RTS), third-person shooting (TPS), action, and RPG elements, which provides players with a satisfyingly familiar, yet pleasantly distinct gaming experience.

“By providing North American players with an equally dedicated, state-of-the-art infrastructure and offering top-quality games like LOCO, we hope to welcome our 10 millionth worldwide user before the end of 2010,” said Ingo Griebl, Managing Director of burda:ic.

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