Spring Break Hits Perfect World International

Spring Break is officially upon us. School and college-bound gamers can enjoy a brief respite from the labors of education for a week before hitting the books once again, and MMORGPs all over are offering some sweet events for players to take advantage of during their newfound free time. Perfect World International is joining in on the festivities with an event and item sale beginning on March 24th and ending April 14th.

The event is actually a double experience boost, double items drop, and doubles Spirit boost. The double experience also stacks with the “Hyper EXP Stones” sold in the in-games Boutique, for a massive experience boosts. This makes it a prime gaming time to play as a newcomer, as the EXP boost can pump low-level characters up in no time at all.

The items sale is a 50% reduction in price for nearly every beach-related fashion. The Perfect World Entertainment Blog has a list of the fashion items on sale for the duration of the event. They are:

  • Swim Trunks
  • Flipiti Flops
  • Tech-Tribal Stunners
  • Tiger Bikini
  • Tiger Bottoms
  • Tiger Heels
  • Cheetah Bikini
  • Cheetah Bottoms
  • Cheetah Heels
  • Zebra Bikini
  • Zebra Bottoms
  • Zebra Heels
  • Beach Top
  • Beach Shorts
  • Beach Heels
  • Bikini Top
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Springside Skirt
  • Platform Heel
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