Feeling Lonely? Get a GameCrush

Are you tired of playing with yourself?  GameCrush.com is banking on the fact that you are.  This new gaming site, launched March 23, offers clients the chance to play games with attractive females… for a price of course.  The Players (guys) can pick from a variety of online games with the site, and browse to find a suitable PlayDate (girl).  Once you invite a PlayDate and she accepts the gaming starts complete with video chat.  GameCrush has also linked with Xbox 360, however Xbox Live does not support the video chat and once you invite the girl and she accepts you must also get her gamertag, sign in to Live and then send her an invite.  Currently Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Halo 3 are supported for the site. GameCrush also hopes to get Playstation 3 and World of Warcraft into the mix soon.

So how much does it cost for this service you ask?  It’s $8.25 for 500 credits, which is enough for one game that cost 400 credits(about $6.60) and maybe a tip at the end of the game.  So how long does a game last then? Well it depends, but on Xbox Live you can figure around 10 minutes when looking at the current games available.  Out of that cost GameCrush keeps 60 percent, leaving the other 40 for the PlayDates services.

Wrapping up let us look at some hopefully obvious facts.  First, this is sure to turn into some type of porn gaming eventually seeing as how you rate girls after you play with them (higher rated girls get better recommendations through the site) and the video chat is completely private.  With girls listing their moods as flirty or dirty it probably won’t be long before Players are requesting the PlayDates to play topless and such.

Second, why would anybody want to pay this price to play on Xbox Live?  You can’t see the girl, so how about if you really want to talk to a girl while you’re playing, just shoot a friend request to the next random girl you encounter on Live… that way it is free. Despite the fact that this is seemingly a ridiculous idea to pay so much money to play video games with a girl (I mean think about it… almost $49.50 to play for an hour) the site is probably going to rake in the money.  Since a day after it’s launch, the site crashed due to over 10,000 inquires in 5 minutes, and it is still not up as of 3/30/10.  Oh well, if you’re that desperate when it come back up, knock yourself out.

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